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Money Manager Z·X·N

01) Since 1993, fund manager worked in the packaging field of southern China.

02) Since 2000, take advantage of mastering English and website design and website promotion (www.gosdar.com) , fund manager created his own factory and manufactured exported products worldwide.

03) Since 2007, take advantage of large amount foreign exchange, fund manager shifted focus to financial investment, and start learning, study, small-scale pilot to invest in foreign exchange.

04) Since 2008, take advantage of international financial markets, fund managers began large-scale capital investment and trading in financial institutions and foreign exchange bank of United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong.

05) Since 2015, take advantage of eight years investment experiences, fund manager start to invest and trade for client's funds, starting capital $500,000.

* Warning: The money manager, is a self-taught explorer, is a financial lover, there is no financial college education background!

* Money manager only use your trading account to trade, Money manager do not hold your money, preferred to accept joint trading account.

* The truth of the fund manager is: trading account custodian, investment account custodian; trading account manager, investment account manager; trading account trustee, investment account trustee; trading account agent operator, investment account agent operator; delegate access account trading manager, delegate access account investment manager.

Why get involved in the field of financial investment?

I built my factory in 2000, professional exported products to markets of Europe and America, but China has a policy to limit exchange for the amount of $ 50,000, therefore, the company's bank account has a large amount of idle dollars. So, I entrusted the hard-earned money to a international bank to help me invest. But many contracts were losses, there was even a contract QDII0711 that lost nearly 70%. * QDII0711 = Tranche ID: QDII0711 = Tranche Name: SCB QDII0711 SERIES

Since 2008, The Chinese government restricts the inflow of foreign exchange. The income of my factory is stuck in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and London and cannot enter the inland of China. Therefore, I have to use several millions of dollars to make long-term foreign exchange investments. Generally hold positions for three to five years, rather than short-term scalping trading in several days. My fund pool is mainly my funds and the stranded funds of friends who do export business. In order to facilitate my filtering of long-term investment strategies, I set up an investment data collection website and share it with those people in need. At the same time, I also hope to find customers who are willing to invest in the long term and do not hold customers' funds, and only use MAM and PAMM models to help customers manage their investment accounts, and use the letters of MAM and PAMM to form an easy-to-remember domain name: www.maqpam.com

Investment strategy of money managers

1)Looking for a good entry location and make real currency exchange, achieve stable profit of long-term investment.

2)Use real currency reserves as margin, to find a high location or low location then secondary trading, try to avoid the use of leverage to ensure a relatively safe long-term investment in the account.

3)Through big data collection, filtering and analysis, and taking advantage of large funds, capture the Mid-term investment of high probability swing trends.

Money manager's profit and loss plan

1)Profits are shared in half, and losses are shared in a quarter. Profit is the reward, which rewards patience and waiting; the loss is the responsibility to prevent craze and risk.

2)Fund manager only charge a performance fee, do not charge management fees and commissions. 
Example: first year loss of 5%, second year profit of 35%, fund manager receive a performance fee from 30% (35% -5%).

3)Fund manager conservative rate of return target set in the range of 5-30%, the final return to according to the real market volatility.

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